Inside Out – What would your islands be?

In the film Inside Out, Disney-Pixar take a fun look about what the inside of our brains looks like, our emotions and memories. I don’t remember too much of my Psychology classes from university but if Mayim Bialik doesn’t take offence at the portrayal, that’s good enough for me (not because she’s a celebrity, but because she’s an educated woman with a PhD in Neuroscience). In it, we see that core memories power different ‘islands’ that build up Riley’s personality – Family island, friendship island, honesty island, hockey island and goofball island.

It got me thinking…what would my islands be? What would my friends’ and family members’ islands be?

I’ve decided the following islands are highly likely to exist in my brain…

Friendship island, goofball island, book island, dancing island, Jesus island, ukulele island, beach island and travel island are definitely in there I reckon. There may be a few more crumbly ones too.

What “islands” do you think exist in your brain? And have you been to see Inside Out yet? I kinda loved it and want to go see it again.



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