Trying to be more Eco-Koala: A request for help

Growing up I was aware of environmental issues. I think partly because I loved Geography which was a lovely exploration of the natural and human world and how they effect (affect?) each other. And also because I fell in love with sea turtles when I was 10 when I discovered a non-profit conservation organisation ARCHELON (The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece) while on holiday in Zakynthos.I got lazy about environmental issues when I got older, and in recent years my faith has led me to realise that the earth is this amazing creation of beauty – and we are destroying it. And that just ain’t cool!

SAS in Dunbar

About six years ago now, I had the opportunity to meet Andy Cummins who heads up Surfers Against Sewage when he was visiting Dunbar. I had learned about SAS in high school briefly when studying Politics in my Modern Studies class, and learned a bit more from my good friends Brian and Vicky. I even took a picture of Brian, Vicky and their daughter that was published alongside an interview article when they were featured in SAS’s magazine. And campers and leaders at Surf Camp have learned about Surfers Against Sewage and done beach cleans as part of the camp too.

While doing the beach clean at surf camp, I was shocked to discover on a relatively clean beach that was lacking in litter compared to many I’ve been on was the amount of mermaid tears in the sand. Mermaid tears are the nickname given to resin pellets used in plastic manufacturing.They are teeny tiny – like beads you might get on a bracelet, and it’s not until you look closely at the sand that you see them. I can assure you once you spot them, you’ll realise you can see 100s of them. Plastic doesn’t decompose. And yet we now use it loads – because it is lightweight compared to glass I guess.

I’m also an ex-health scientist. I haven’t done any health science research in a while, but what I learned in those years has stuck with me. It has definitely got me eating healthier (though I still have a sugar addiction!). Part of my reasoning for my natural haircare experiment was to reduce the chemicals I was pouring through my hair and down the shower drain and into the air. I haven’t used hairspray since last year. I haven’t used any shampoo or conditioner containing Phthalates, parabens or silicones since last year. I’ve also pretty much stopped wearing make up, and have discovered that I seem to be more prone to headaches when I’m wearing eye make up which I think may not be a coincidence. I’m currently looking for better make up, better cleaning products (for my home and for my body!) and trying to get rid of my addiction to evian.

And so I’m now looking for answers.

I would love to try (and feature on my blog) more ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives to skincare and beauty products, as well as everyday ways we can reduce our use of plastics, toxic chemicals and more. I am not looking to earn any money from doing this. I don’t really have a disposable income and I blog purely for pleasure. But also with this, I would like to  help anyone else interested coming along for the journey with me in trying to live a more earth friendly lifestyle. If you are a company/organisation/individual that would like to help me with that, please do get in touch with me.



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