Life with my ukulele playing minion…



Now that I’ve caught up on sleep lost at surf camp, I’ve been busy doing all the things I probably won’t get a chance to do in August. It has involved trips to Ikea to get new bookshelves (because that book collection isn’t getting any smaller), finding little bargains to decorate the staff bathroom at work and my new spiffy showerroom. I live in an attic conversion, and the disappearance of a cupboard which has been replaced by a sink means there’s now a blank wall. A flat one.

This means….I can PUT STUFF ON THE WALL!

It’s the small things, right?

I’ve also been catching up with friends, and got to meet my friends’ newborn son. And yes, he did get a copy of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. 🙂 Big brother got a book I discovered at the beginning of the summer called How to Hide A Lion from Grandma which has the koala seal of approval too. And I finally got to go to the cinema and saw Inside Out. I loved it, and the last 24 hours have been spent with my ukulele trying to learn the Lava song from the short film that played before the main feature.

I’m still thinking a lot about what we were learning about at surf camp, and it’s funny that all the stuff we were discussing has been the sermon topics at the last two weeks at church. On Sunday night, they not only played the same film clip from Prince of Egypt, but even had just about the same song list we played at the last night at surf camp.

I’m now carrying my little mascot – the minion playing a ukulele – that my friend gave to me at surf camp. It’s my wee reminder to keep folks who were there in my thoughts and prayers, and not to forget to think about what I learned about myself while I was there. And it makes me smile. I’m pretty sure somewhere in my brain there is a ukulele island.



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