BK’s YouTube Picks: Dance with Angie

This week the YouTube pick was a total no-brainer. TV broken (again), still trying to catch up on sleep after Surf Camp, I was curled up under a duvet when a video popped up on my facebook feed. My old boss, Chris and his family have been involved in a battle with stinky, sucky, expletive inducing cancer that has been doing its best to invade his wife’s body over the last few years. Angie, who is a total legend of a lady for many reasons has been recording an album amongst many other things (like telling the story of Elsie Inglis). She completely epitomises that call in John’s gospel to live life to the full. Anyway, this video features one of the songs she has written Dance with Me. Having watched it a few times now I see it as inspirational call to all of us to live life, ignore the nay-sayers and just do what we love to do. Plus I know one of my favourite YouTube stars Kid President would appreciate the dancing. 🙂

If you are interested in hearing more of Angie’s music, you can order her album, Butterfly at her website www.angietownsend.co.uk


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