BK’s YouTube Picks: Are you beach body ready?


This week I’ll be spending some time on the beach. Am I beach body ready? If by ready you mean I’ve got my hoodie and raincoat packed in my rucksack…sure. I may even shave my legs. And I have the hair conditioner packed.

What I haven’t been doing is dieting to get my stomach flatter, thighs less wobbly. I haven’t been applying fake tan to make my skin less pasty. I haven’t been getting waxed to get all the hair off my body. And I don’t expect to walk out the ocean with silky smooth hair flowing down my back. Nope…it’s more like to be plastered across my face and dry with a lot of frizztastic volume.

There’s a lot of pressure put on both women and men to look like photoshopped models – a lot of body shaming into spending a lot of time, money and effort into being ‘beach body ready’.

I love that these two young men attacked this pressure with a great piece of slam poetry. From Brave New Voices in 2012….I give you Beach Bodies by David Faganya and Gabe Barralaga.



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