BK’s YouTube Picks: The Carlton Dance

I love to dance and I love gymnastics. I’ve never been a huge fan of reality shows (bar Gladiators when I was a kid) and if it weren’t for my gymnastics fandom I’d likely never have found America’s version of Strictly Come Dancing. There’s a number of YouTube videos that I was going to share this week, but as the weather in Edinburgh still hasn’t turned remotely summery, and there’s been a lot of news to get depressed about, I thought I’d share a long time favourite. 

Did I mention that I also used to sneak round to friends’ houses so I could watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Yes, I did have a poster of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff on my wall at one time. Long time fans will be familiar with Will Smith’s cousin, Carlton and Carlton’s obsession with Tom Jones…and his signature dance move to ‘It’s Not Unusual‘. So when I heard Alfonso Ribeiro was competing on Dancing With The Stars  last year I did look out for it…and he didn’t disappoint.

I dare you to watch that without wanting to dance yourself! 🙂 It just makes me smile.


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