BK’s Book Pouch – The “Currently Reading” List

I’ve discovered that WordPress has a Goodreads widget, and you can now see what books I’ve finished reading as I update my Goodreads profile if you look down the side of my main blog page. You might notice that list doesn’t change for months, and then all of a sudden about five finished books get added in the space of a week. At any one time I’ll likely I have about 6 books on the go. I’m terrible for getting distracted – usually by a friend posting about a new book or me noticing a book while I’m already buying two. As it’s Independent Bookshop week (plus on Tuesday Edinburgh Book Festival tickets will go on sale) I thought I’d share about the books on my ‘currently reading list’. All the links will take you to Hive which is a book selling website that supports local independent bookshops across the UK.
Now that I’m done with my postgraduate diploma work, I’m taking great joy in picking up books for fun. Here are the ones that are by my bed/on a coffeetable/in my handbag/coming with me to work at the moment…

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell – As a few novice community workers have picked up The Tipping Point, that was my introduction to Mr Gladwell. I had noticed his latest book David and Goliath in the same floor as the biography section in Waterstones West End. When I heard he was going to be speaking at Q Commons, I got the book with one of my Christmas book tokens back in January. The book is a non-fiction telling stories of people achieving against the odds, and looking how things that the world deem as a problem may actually lead to a person’s success. Because the book is in sections telling different stories under different sub-themes, it’s been an easy enough book to pick back up again (any time I have to read lots for university, it tends to kill my reading of other non-fiction books). I’ve found it really interesting, and definitely recommend it.

Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey – This became my ‘taking to work’ book a few months ago, but it has taken me a while to get into it. I found the story a bit slow to start, but I’m now getting into it. The main character and narrator of the story is an older lady who is suffering from Alzheimers or Dementia (I’m not sure which) who is deeply concerned about her friend Elizabeth. So far it’s not a book that I’ll be shouting about that you must read – I think I’m going to have to wait til the end to give it my final verdict.

Backstory by David Mitchell – I’m a fan of David Mitchell (and this is the comedian one, not the novellist!), and I’m a fan of autobiographies. I love hearing people’s stories, and I think that’s what really got me into blogging in the first place. I’d heard good things about this autobiography, but I have to say that I’ve found this one a bit tedious to get through . Usually autobiographies I have read within a few days, because I get sucked into the person’s life story I liked the concept of structuring with his walks around the neighbourhood where he has lived for many years, but this has a lot of random tangents that take the focus off of the actual story – perhaps because the story so far doesn’t actually seem to have an obvious connection to the geographical location he’s ‘walking’ through. I’m hoping it gets better because there’s parts of the story I’ve found funny, sad and interesting.

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton – This is a book of photographs from Brandon Stanton of the facebook page fame. I love the Humans of New York facebook page (again because I love life stories), and when I saw my twitter/blog friend Connor post about how he had gotten a copy of this book for Christmas my immediate thought was ‘WOW! THERE’S A BOOK?! THAT’S SO COOL!” and then of course had a pout because I didn’t have £20 to spare. Enter Christmas book tokens and my Waterstone’s loyalty cards. There is very little wording in it at all – mostly photographs, with the occasional quote or caption. But I’ve been taking my time flicking through, and love to pick it up and flick through it slowly when I can’t sleep. I really, really love this book.

I also have a pile of books that I’ve bought and haven’t started yet, and that’s not including the ones that are on my ‘to buy’ list or a few that I’ve been given as gifts. But they are for a future blog post. 🙂

What books do you recommend that you’ve read recently?

And remember…support your local bookshops!


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