I’m back!

So after five days of this


and this


(if you are wondering why the laptop is closed, that’s because I kept having to shut it down every 1-2 hours to let it cool down and then start it up again. Not what you want on a deadline!)

I have *hopefully* FINISHED my postgraduate diploma!


This was me just after submitting my assignment online – unwashed hair tied up and out my face – check. Comfy clothes that kept me cool in my sauna like room with constantly overheating laptop – check. No make up – check. Relief mixed with slight anxiety – check.

I haven’t failed any of my modules so far, and I think at every turn there have been obstacles in my way. Whether it was work deadlines coinciding with uni deadlines, broken laptops, lack of library resources available, deaths and illness…it’s been there over these last 21 months. When I was finishing my undergraduate degree, I lived in my own flat, had a car, lived 15 mins from the medical school I studied in (and had a card that gave me 24hr access to a computer room there) and had a job where I could choose which shifts to take or refuse. Postgraduate life has been very different – less money, no car, living 1hr drive (longer on public transport) away, not being in my own home and many more commitments and responsibilities.

After submitting, I watched some stand up comedy on YouTube to try and get my head out of Community Development, went to sleep and 8 hours later was working in the cafe. It was quiet though, so I finally got to open the big envelope from the Edinburgh Book Festival and started going through the listings over a cup of hot chocolate between the brunch and lunch customers…


And after work on Sunday, the sunshine had made a brief return and my work colleague got me to come out to Film in the City for a showing of Mean Girls. It’s not my favourite film by a long shot, but it was fun to sit in the sunshine in the middle of St Andrew’s Square and just enjoy it! Plus, we got there early and the Princess Bride had been showing before – so I got to catch the end of that. And join in with my (and my brother’s) favourite line

“Hello my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”


Now it’s tying everything up for the end of term at the 3 Girlguiding units, the continuation of job hunting and reading that big pile of books before the Book Festival. And of course booking my tickets next Tuesday.

Oh yes…and writing things that aren’t going to be marked by university lecturers. 🙂


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