BK’s YouTube Picks: Big Bang Theory goes Uptown Funk

Suffice to say the last few months have not left much time for blogging. The first month of 2015 was all about funerals, weekly visits to what I now call the ‘dehumanising centre’ (Job Centre Plus if you’re wondering what it’s given name is), finding enough work to get me out of those horrible visits, getting my assignment done for my final theory course and then getting a practice placement secured and started.

I’m now seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Helped by some sunshine, a part-time job with a fabulous group of ladies in a café and this week making a return to my first love: ballet.

A while back on one of my exhausted YouTube channel flicking escapades I discovered that Big Bang Theory had done another Flash Mob at Christmas time. One of the things I’d love to do is choreograph a flash mob, plus seeing “Sheldon Cooper” dancing to Uptown Funk made me smile.

I don’t think this one went viral like their first one did, but I love it just the same.

Thanks Big Bang Theory Cast and Crew – keep on dancing! 🙂


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