BK’s YouTube Picks: Love your curls

I didn’t always have curly hair. I loved my long blonde flowing hair when I was little. My hair developed this wavy fluffy frizz when hormones started kicking in…around the same time my blonde hair went mousy brown. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true to say that I spent more hours than I’d care to admit, crying over my hair. Begging to be taken to expensive hairdressers in the hopes they’d be able to help. Crying as soon as I washed my hair after a haircut because it looked awful. And then spending most of my student days wrecking my hair by straightening it into submission with straighteners (flat irons to my American friends) and silicone based conditioners, serums, oils, balms…you see it on the shelves of hairdressing salons and chemists? I probably tried it at some point.

When I was about 19 or 20, my friend Clare (another curly girl) suddenly started embracing her curls…and it looked amazing. She has these amazing tight cockscrew curls. SHe informed me it was simply a bit of hair mousse when her hair was wet, and letting it dry naturally. I decided to give it ago, to see if maybe I could turn my frizz fluff into some curls. Turns out I had some wavy curls.

However I found them difficult to control and still would get upset at how I couldn’t control them all. Some would go flat, some had curly bounce!

As you know, one of the Girlguiding groups I work with is doing a project called Free Being Me. While on a search for a video the Dove Self-Esteem Project made many years ago which portrays the image myth, I came across a more recent video made by the same company.

It’s for this reason, I’m trying my best to embrace my curls. I’m getting better. Sometimes frustration gets the better of me and my straighteners come back out again. But noticing a few of my curly girled Guides had started straightening their hair, I realised I needed to be a better role model! I got my hair cut short recently, because my hair was so wrecked from the last few years of hair dyeing – it was beyond repair. I’ve gone to Guides with short curly hair, and the days it’s down – the girls have actually commented and asked me about my hair. I guess it’s different from how they are used to seeing me. I just hope those curly girls find confidence and know their curls are awesome as other girls’ straight hair.



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