BK’s YouTube Picks: The Truth About Childhood Cancer

I’ve been caught on the uni train over the last couple of months, but today, I wanted to come home and share with you an important message.

Today, a wonderful, wise, spunky, talented young woman named Kylie Myers should have been having her 13th birthday. Instead, last week her family and friends came together as they mourned her death from Ewing’s Sarcoma, all wearing Kylie’s favourite colour of yellow (which also happens to be the colour for children’s cancer awareness). It was last Autumn I learned of the Myers family when the 1 Million 4 Anna Foundation shared a video Kylie had made doing a parody cover of ‘All About that Bass’. On Christmas Day my Mum and I took ‘Smiley for Kylie’ photos to post to the Myers family on twitter down near Cramond Island in Edinburgh – the aim was to have Smiley for Kylie photos from every country in the world. It may sound trivial, but I know from when I’ve faced difficult times, how much it has encouraged me to keep pushing on and fighting through having messages and words of encouragement from the online community.


Kylie and her family, and her friend, Bailey (an osteosarcoma survivor) were involved in the Truth 365 campaign – which is trying to raise awareness and action to get the government to put more of their cancer research funding into childhood cancer research and giving a voice to the children who have battled childhood cancers. It is RIDICULOUS how little has changed for children’s cancer research and how little funding it gets because of it being “rare”. (By the way, this isn’t just an American thing, in the UK very little research funding goes to childhood cancers either).

So my YouTube Pick of the week is from Truth 365 – videos from Kylie, and her three close friends.

Kylie may be in a better place…but it sucks that the world lost her when she had so much talent, love, joy and wisdom to bring to us all. And I will continue raising my voice about the need for more research (and help raise funds where I can too).

Also please be thinking of Kylie’s family today – her Mum, Dad and three sisters especially. They are Christians, so I know if you believe in the power of prayer and want to pray for them, they will appreciate it. You can also in Kylie’s honour, make someone smile and/or take a smiley selfie. They would love it if you could post it on twitter or instagram with the #SmileItForward hashtag or tag Kylie’s twitter & instagram (@smileyforkylie). If it’s making someone smile, they’d love to hear what you did to make that person smile. Annoyingly, I’m all alone in the house tonight so I’ve got no one to sing or do silly dance to! I had to settle for trying to take a silly selfie at the university (which resulted in some weird looks from university staff and a few students walking past).

To all the families like the Myers clan who have battled cancer and want to end the fight once and for all…

…we stand with you.


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