BK’s Bookpouch: The Day The Crayons Quit


Picturebooks really don’t get enough credit, and I think that they should be read more widely rather than be seen as just for children. So often, they can tell a story and start discussion in a way that no other format does as well.

I was in Waterstone’s West End (possibly one of my favourite places in the world) looking to spend a book token when I came across this book that I hadn’t seen before. Of course I picked it up and started flicking through. And then I snapped this picture and sent it to my friend in Italy who has a MEd in Children’s Literature and told her she had to try and find a copy. (When I get a paying job, I may have to get a copy to post out to her!)

The Day The Crayons Quit is a series of letters written to a boy called Duncan (owner of said crayon set) who are resigning from their job and stating their complaints about their treatment and use. From the red crayon who is fed up being used to colour in fire engines to the black crayon who is wants to be used like the other colours to be a filler not just an outline to the pink crayon who is annoyed at never being used due to gender stereotypes… it’s a very funny tale that both children and adults can enjoy, with a beautiful ending.

The book is written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers who has created other wonderful picturebooks you may be familiar with, such as ‘How to Catch a Star’ and ‘Lost and Found‘.

It is currently (or at least it was on Friday) part of the Buy one get one half price deal in Waterstone’s. If you can’t find a copy in your local bookshop, you can order it to be sent to your nearest independent bookshop or home through Hive.


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