Quote of the Week 4: The Curious will have adventures…


After a bit of crazy week with insomnia I wasn’t sure what to write this week. To be honest, I’m still not sure what to write, and I hadn’t picked a quote of the week until this afternoon. I had been down in the Scottish Borders to celebrate my friends’ daughter’s baptism, mutual friends had given me a lift and before dropping me home we stopped at their house. I actually dashed back out to the car to grab my phone to snap a photo of this picture that is hanging in their hallway.

Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.

Sometimes I feel like we get nervous around people who are curious. Children can be shushed and admonished for asking questions. Sometimes we stop people from investigating because we fear for their safety.

And yet, it is curiosity that has always led to discovery. Imagination that has inspired new innovation.

Can you imagine if Stephen Hawking had never been given the resources to spend time investigating physics and try and find answers to the questions that burned inside of him? Or if David Livingstone, Christopher Columbus and Captain Cook had been made to stay at home? If Robert Louis Stevenson had been told to stop looking at the windows when the lamplighter came along the street? If Alexander Fleming had never been allowed to investigate staphylococci? If James Simpson’s friends hadn’t been willing to participate in his experiments with chloroform? If Tony Hawks had listened to the nay-sayers when he attempted to have a second hit single or hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge to win a bet? Or if the Jamaicans hadn’t been willing to give bobsledding a go?

And I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t gone online to search to see if there was a degree I could do at my university that was connected with my work as a Youth Advice Worker. I may never have discovered a passion for women’s health or got to graduate with one of my favourite authors. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t been curious to find out if the places described in the Drina Ballerina series were real…and if I could visit them somehow. I may never have gone on an Inter-Rail trip around Europe when I was 18. Or if I’d never bothered getting to know friends on twitter and blogging and been willing to try and meet up with them in real life. I would never have got to take part in some fun blog parties, or met ‘Alf Stewart’ or been able to raise £1000 for charity by bouncing on a spacehopper.

So…are you curious about something? Why don’t you quench that thirst for answers by investigating further…giving something a go…

Even when it doesn’t go to plan, it’s probably going to be a great story to tell.


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