Kid President & Book It Forward…

Well, I don’t know if there is a better way to begin the year than a message from the Kid President of the United States of America. Robby Novak (I’m sorry…Mr President), I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE your idea.

I’ve actually sort of done this already, as every one of my friends’ kids got a book from me this Christmas. Were they shocked? No. I think they all know now that Auntie Laurie/Mum & Dad’s crazy friend Laurie (delete as appropriate) loves to read books, share books and assist in filling up their bookshelves.

Miss Sweetroot and I share a favourite author – Jacqueline Wilson, but as she has already got pretty much every single one of Jacqueline’s books including the newest one I thankfully discovered she had bought before I bought it for her birthday (Opal Plumstead) I had to go a different tact. Miss S loves to dance, and has been studying ballet since she was a tot, so I got her one of my Mum’s favourite childhood books – Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield.

Elastaboy got given a book that I loved as a kid, but never had my own copy of… The Jolly Christmas Postman.

Mr Teapot got a Christmas version of Peter Rabbit written by Emma Thompson.

Mini Kahuna got a copy of a Paddington Bear book, after we went to see the new Paddington film at the cinema for his big sister’s birthday at the end of November.

Jambino and Princess Monkey got copies of the Nativity Story (I spent a long time in various bookshops trying to find ones that didn’t have white blonde character illustrations because I do not want them growing up with the whitewashed version of bible stories).

And Little Miss Thunderpants got a book, and now I can’t remember which one it was (because I kept changing my mind in the shop, and now I can’t remember which one I got her in the end. Rats! Bad Auntie Laurie).

I love the idea of #BookItForward, and so I think that a little bit of my book points and book token may have to be spent not on a book for myself, but a book I have loved to pass on to someone else.

But which book to choose? There are so many!!

Time for a ponder…

If you do it, will you share which book you pass on to a friend or family member?


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