2014 in Review

On my old blog, I had a tradition of answering the same questions each year at the end of the year. I feel it’s a good tradition to uphold, as it helps to give perspective on the year as I had into the next one…!

What, for you, was the high point of 2014? Were there any other highlights?

There were a number of highlights. Erasmus Winter School in Würzburg, Germany. My 30th birthday party which I got to  have with so many of my friends coming together. Easter Sunday breakfast in Davina the Campervan. Visiting my friend in Paris. The Picturebook conference. Having fun at the Edinburgh Festivals with Holly. An unexpected gift at a Book Festival event. Getting to judge the Green Pencil Award. Taking the Guides ice skating at the Edinburgh Christmas Market.

What, for you, was the low point of 2014?

My Dad going in and out of hospital with life threatening conditions is up there, but 6 months of unemployment after being made redundant is probably going to come out the winner just because of the continued state of monotony of the experience.

Tell me some things you learned this year.

I already knew how amazing my friends are, and I feel like this year just reinforced that. While my self esteem has taken a real beating with constant rejection while job hunting (something I had been fortunate enough to never really have experienced before) my friends have constantly encouraged me and helped me create so many fun, silly and fond memories this year that outweigh all the rubbish stuff.

Oh, and I started re-learning Spanish and trying to play a ukulele.

Who would be your “person of 2014″? It could be someone you know or a famous person who’s inspired you.

My next door neighbour. She is 97 feisty stubborn and kind woman who is just awesome. This year my Mum brought her down to the War Memorial Service on Remembrance Sunday – and then she told my Mum off for waving at me as I was walking behind the colour party…!

She has had an amazing life, started the Scottish equivalent of the Chelsea Flower Show and never considers herself as ‘old’ and just looks at everything she has the ability to do. She’s even invited the local Girlguiding units I run to come visit her so she can tell them about her life story growing up in the Himalayas and being a nurse in India during WW2. She’s been sick during December (please be thinking of her) and I hope she will be well enough to organise something in the new year.

What was the best film you saw this year?

12 Years A Slave.

No question. The Oscar went to the right movie!

And what was the worst?

I’m trying to remember what other movies I’ve seen – I’m now pretty good at picking movies that are decent to see, and avoiding the bad ones! My brother and stepfather made me watch a movie called Stretch last week which I ended up giving up on and going upstairs to read a book instead. It was awful.

What was the best book you read?

Fly A Little Higher by Laura Sobiech.

The book Laura has written is a wonderfully honest story of how her son, Zach battled osteosarcoma and how the Sobiech family tried to live life while they knew Zach was dying.

What was the best thing you saw on TV?

I’ve been loving The Graham Norton Show. It’s probably the only thing that both my Mum and I enjoy watching, and if we are both in on a Friday night we’ll watch it together.

What, for you, was the sporting highlight of 2014?

Max Whitlock getting his All-Around Silver medal at the World Championships. He’s got the closest anyone has ever gotten to Kohei Uchimura – the current king of gymnastics & arguably the best gymnast the world has ever seen.

To have  British gymnasts on the medal podium was unheard of a decade ago!

What was the best album or song you heard in 2014? What song did you play most?

I don’t think I’ve really downloaded or bought any music this year. Those are the sort of luxuries that are simply unaffordable at the moment. 😦

I’ve probably continued to listen to Sam Amidon, Ben Folds, Ben Howard and Noah and The Whale the most!

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

I’m looking forward to hopefully graduating at the end of the year!


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