BK’s YouTube picks: The Womanhood Hotline

This week in one of my university seminars we were discussing the topic of gender inequality and feminist movements. While searching for a youtube clip to share with some of my classmates I fell upon this fantastic video from the 2014 Brave New Voices slam poetry competition in Cape Town.

I’m not even a conventionally attractive woman, and yet can still list screeds of incidents of having insults, invasions of my personal space, and having guys think it’s appropriate to grab my buttocks or put his hands on my breasts without my permission. I know some of my female counterparts have had it worse. Sadly, sexism is still alive and well, but knowing several feminist dudes out there who believe in gender equality, I hope that this is changing and that one day behaviour like this will not be seen as ‘normal’.

I love the creative way in which Athandwa and Lerato have brought awareness to the issue. 🙂


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