Lest We Forget…

Today is Remembrance Sunday.

Over the last year I’ve learned more about some of the history of WW2 that was brushed over in school. I only ever learned about the Holocaust and persecution of Jews. I learned nothing of the fact that Nazis sought after prominent members of Girlguiding, or the horrors of the torture in Japanese POW camps in Asia and the Burmese railway.

I only really learned about it when they started making a film about Eric Lomax. It came out earlier this year and it is called The Railway Man. Although parts of the story have been re-imagined for dramatic effect, I think it is a film that should be seen as is it telling a story that needs to be told. It is based on the true story told in Eric Lomax’s book of the same name. I recommend taking the time to see the film and/or reading the book if you can.

Different countries will have different days in which they do something similar to what we do in the UK today…remembering the horror of war and those who lost their lives prematurely because of it.

I’m no fan of war, and over the last year have learned more about the history of wars Britain has been involved in and how they affected people. Earlier this year I was in Germany – the country that was ‘the enemy’. I was shocked to see that most of the German cities I visited had no original architecture, as they had been bombed by us near the end of the war. I understand why it was done, but it still made me feel sick.

There have been much debates about the wearing of poppies over the last few years, as some feel that events relating to Remembrance Sunday and the Poppy Appeal are being used as propaganda to justify current wars.

I will be participating in local services of remembrance today as a member of Girlguiding (more on that on Tuesday). The reason I do that is because I believe it’s important to teach the whole story – the reason we remember the horrors of war is to hopefully teach the generations that have come after that war is well…horrific. And should be avoided at all costs.


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