Why do we gossip?

You had to know (if you know me) that I would share a SoulPancake find within the first week of this new blog. And this one is on a topic I can have a lot of rants about. Gossip.

Why do we gossip?

From the people in this video, it seems that the conclusion is we gossip when we feel insecure, when we want the attention away from ourselves.

There is a point where Jesus talks about why we shouldn’t judge others and he tells the people with him at the time “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3)

I know I’ve gossiped. I hate it. It’s something I try not to do, and I do try and make an active effort when conversations turn into gossip to try and divert the conversation to another topic or stop it completely. The speculation. The judging.


The worst thing when people are not just telling me something that happened but putting an extra bit on it or how terrible someone is or what they think is going on – is wondering…what is that person saying about me when I leave the room?

It doesn’t build up trust or friendship.

So let’s end the culture and share stories that we have the blessing to share, and not buy the types of media that are damaging people (because yes, actors, musicians and even *gasp* politicians are people too). My rule is if I wouldn’t talk about it in front of the person who is the topic of conversation it should not be coming out my mouth.

There’s only one exception: and that is planning fun surprises!!

Why do you think we gossip, and what positive alternatives can we put into action to grow a culture that is different from the gossip culture?



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